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A Big Gapping Asshole

July 29th, 2013 · Comments Off

I love BBW women, they sure know how to make sure you feel like a king after having some great sweaty kinky sex. Most of the BBW’s I have had sex with love having anal sex. And there is nothing I find sexier on a BBW than a gapping asshole after I’ve fucked it. The beauty I was fucking had the perfect ass for it and loved nothing more than being creampied when we had anal sex. How can a man resist an ass that loves penetration? Easy he can’t…

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I like em’ big and black

June 27th, 2013 · Comments Off

When it comes to black women I like them to be bigger than your average size. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking an ebony BBW you know what I’m talking about. They are some of the most sensual creatures you will ever meet in a bedroom. The extra cushion for the pushing makes it even easier to pound your cock into her ass and the big tits give you something wonderful to suck on and jug fuck. Never judge a book by its cover especially if it’s an ebony BBW she will rock your cock until it busts in her.

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Line Up Those Big Booty’s

May 22nd, 2013 · Comments Off

My wife and I were invited to our first swingers’ party this past weekend and let me tell you I couldn’t have been happier that we did. There were enough people there to satisfy our most kinky of desires and our most depraved of fantasies. I was lead into a room with four hot women all bending over exposing their asses and pussies for me to slide right into. I decided that I’d have to taste all four of these hotties before I decided on which one I’d fuck that night…so I fucked all four of them, they were all so good I couldn’t just choose one.

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A little extra padding never hurt

April 25th, 2013 · Comments Off

A little extra padding never hurt anyone. And a cushion for the pushing is exactly what the good doctors order every time that I need to get off. BBW women know how to really give some good loving to a man or a woman. They usually have really big tits that yearn to be sucked on and played with. To be quite honest the freakiest sex you’ll probably ever have will be with a big chick. They have less to lose when fucking so they tend to go as hardcore as they can. You just need to enjoy the ride.

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Pack On The Pounds…We Love Big Girls!

March 21st, 2013 · Comments Off

I’ve always been into women who are on the bigger side. When I am fucking a woman I want one that I can hang onto. That I can fuck hard and not worry about breaking. I like women who are big but confident and beautiful. That is why I keep coming back here when I need to “relieve some stress”. I get off on seeing these big women allow huge cocks to sink into their fat lipped pussies. I like seeing women on all fours, getting fucked in their deep asses. And of course, I like to see a woman on her knees, sucking cock. Plus size women just do it for me, and so I come back again and again!

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More Points For Being Plus-Size!

February 25th, 2013 · Comments Off

A lot of porn today features stick thin women who may be up for anything, but I like a woman who has substance. A woman who knows how to work her body—all of it! A big woman who has meat on her bones and is easy to hold onto is what is hot to me and here I find all off the porn featuring these big asses. I get off to seeing huge cocks sink deep into a big booty and then exploding all over it! I love seeing a big girl milk a cock with her tits or take a load in the throat! I just can’t get enough and that is why I keep coming back for new and exciting porn!

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Time To Sample Some Big Fat Ass

January 21st, 2013 · Comments Off

BBW slut
What would you do if you were presented with over 20 fat asses to choose from? No doubt most of you would be a little scared with so much junk thrust in front of your face. Others would dive right in, head first! Actually, that is the only way you can attest to the well known fact that a big girl’s booty is like no other. They all look the same but the warmth you will find inside a round butt will leave you a changed man forever. I doubt you will make it past the third girl in line. Well, how about you start experiencing chubby girls? Take a look at what a true stud with a fat fetish does when the opportunity presents itself.

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The Bigger Is Always Better When Spreading Meaty Thighs

November 21st, 2012 · Comments Off

Big beautiful women deserve love too so give it up! They are plump, sexy, hot, and oh so horny. Large rotund bodies are so hot because there are folds and layers of mystery that long to be uncovered. They say, the bigger the better and this has never been truer than in the porno world where you want to just spread some big meaty thighs and find your way inside the wettest warm caves to park your throbbing cock in. Come join me as I sample the finest plus-sized women who love sex in every position. Enter at your own risk and make sure you don’t have a pre-existing back problems because fucking a big tit BBW takes guts and a high tolerance for some pressure. Ooh baby make it hurt so good!

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Big Black Beautiful and Sexy Ebonies

October 21st, 2012 · Comments Off

Big Tit BBW
An opportunity to sample the best amongst sexy ebony babes is finally here and is a click of a mouse away. Big Black beautiful women have been the fantasy of many, but very few ever get to lay their hands on one, leave alone watch them naked and in hardcore sex clips. The BBW blog has heeded to your silent cries and today offers the most exclusive XXX ebony videos on the internet. You get an opportunity to watch tight black wet pussies laid plain and bare in front of the cameras as they eagerly wait to be filled by huge throbbing cocks. You also get to watch their tight black asses get pummeled deep and hard until a frothy creampie leaks out, all for your viewing pleasure.

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I am a BBW and I am Proud of My Prowess in Bed

September 21st, 2012 · Comments Off

Just because I am a BBW doesn’t mean I cannot shake my ass like a size 2, now does it? If you think otherwise, you better watch all of the free porn videos uploaded on here and you will change your perspective and attitude towards Big Beautiful Women. I can suck a dick, I can lay my big ass bare for a hardcore anal pounding, I can squirt on command, and I sure can make any man erupt as I suck the jizz out of his dick. Hardcore Porno is sweet and real with fat girls.

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